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Mariah Carey christens Disney Fantasy

Cruise holiday fans were treated to a spectacle in New York recently as pop superstar Mariah Carey christened the new Disney Fantasy. The Grammy Award winners appearance came as part of an impressive ceremony in the Manhattan Cruise Terminal aimed at celebrating the arrival of the new vessel.

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River Cruising in Europe

Some people say it's about the journey not the destination! At Cruise Holidays; we say it's both. We believe that you deserve an unreservedly indulgent holiday experience, without having to compromise on any comforts on board or off board. Taking a river cruise ensures that you get to travel and arrive in style. It is an experience created to cater to a more discerning traveller; one that wants something extraordinary. The best way to see continental Europe in all its splendour is through a river cruise. A river cruise ship takes you through captivating waterways with unrivalled scenery. Due to being appropriately sized, the ship can manoeuvre its way through the heart of the land. You get to enjoy all that a destination has to offer. Everything can be explored; picturesque landscapes, glorious mountains, awe-inspiring castles, majestic cathedrals and a lot more.

While on board a river cruise; you get to travel in absolute comfort and tranquillity. What makes river cruise ships exceptional is the homely feel they give. Like being in a boutique hotel; the service on a river cruise ship is more personalised. Low passenger densities on river cruise ships mean more room to unwind and mingle with fellow voyagers. Most river cruise ships have all the cherished facilities such as sun decks, entertainment lounges, wine bars, fitness centre, restaurants and even spas. This makes them the perfect vessel for the connoisseurs of the finer things in life. Speaking of the finer things - most European river cruises include shore excursions and beer or wine with dinner among other inclusive compliments. These would normally be regarded as extras and require additional charges on ocean cruises. In some cases the offer goes even further; a hotel night could be included before or after you board the river cruise. River cruise ships go right through the heart of it all. You get to elegantly sail through mystical European countryside where you can take in the splendid landscapes in complete relaxation. With land being in almost constant sight; you'd never feel isolated. In fact, you feel a deep connection and get a better sense of place. Sailing smoothly through the enchanted waterways; you always feel a sense of harmony. Going up the sun deck elevates this experience to a whole new level. The soft wind, humming birds, stunning scenery and flowing river create unparalleled serenity.

You can get to enjoy the diverse European culture and history by going through various towns and cities. Many European cities and towns are formed around rivers, which mean you get to dock right in their centre. You'll be in the heart of all the excitement, where most attractions and cultural institutions will be a short bike ride or even just a stroll away. River cruises tend to have more frequent stops, giving you an opportunity explore and experience more destinations. Depending on the itinerary, you can cruise through Germany, Netherlands and even Hungary and Slovakia. Whether it's the glitzy Parisian lights or the striking architecture of Vienna you’re after; all this and more can be explored by taking a European river cruise. It's the exceptional variety on offer coupled with expert dedicated service that contribute to the ever increasing popularity of river cruising!