Testimonial by Amanda

thanks a million for all your help with our Honeymoon, it was perfect. Mexico was AMAZING. I didn't want to leave and im not usually a sun holiday person, but I would have easily done two weeks there, maybe even three! When we 1st arrived I walked around with my jaw dragging on the ground, it was out of this world! The service was amazing, the food was amazing, the beach was amazing, the pools were amazing, the cocktails were amazing. i could go on all day.

But you catch my drift!!! All i kept saying was this is "paradise", it really was. I was so sad to leave, we meet some lovely people too! Vegas was savage. I loved it. I would go back with a group. We went to see LeRĂ©ve, it was brilliant!! The shopping was great, I loved the grand canyon and the cowboys, really great, glad we booked it. Even if I was a lil' sick after the helicopter! We even did that roller coaster in New York Hotel. It's a crazy place! We've already started to save to get back to Mexico next year. I dont know how I'd ever slum it on a "package holiday" again after being there. I cant wait to go back. even selling my wedding dress to fund it!! hahahaha. Thanks again for all your help, you've been brilliant. you really have!!

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