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Cruising Questions Answered

Every year, more and more people are venturing on board a cruise ship for the first time in their lives, and - as with any new activity - the prospect of a cruise can be a little intimidating until you get to know the ropes. Well here's your short cut. We answer the most frequently raised questions about cruising.

The Experience

  • The experience of cruising is not boring! It’s exciting, relaxing and adventurous!
  • It’s so stress free and everything is taken care of!
  • You never get bored, there is so much to do onboard and at each Port of Call
  • Depending on your style, you can have a very active adventurous holiday or a very relaxed, quiet holiday
  • Excellent food, you will get off a few pound heavier!
  • The ship is a floating resort and has everything you need! The ships themselves are huge and spacious and have lots of amenities and things to do onboard if you want to spend a day onboard.
  • First class service for all ages

Top Tips

  • Cruise is cashless, everything is charged to your room so you don’t carry physical money with you onboard
  • Ships are American so even in the Med you need American Plugs
  • ATM’s can be expensive onboard so do bring enough euros/dollars to cover yourself for your trip
  • Pre-book spa treatments & excursions before you cruise to avoid disappointment and have your perfect trip all planned
  • Sometimes, luggage takes an hour to be dropped to your room so if you're heading for the pool once you are onboard make sure to have brought a carry on bag with some supplies to keep you going
  • Check in online before you cruise. You can do this as soon as your booked and can add excursions/drinks packages/spa treatments
  • Always read your Nightly Newsletter which will tell you about all the activities and Ports of Call for the next day
  • Keep track of what your spending in your in room tv (or at reception if not available in room)

Will I get seasick?

Some of the world's seas are rougher than others: the Caribbean, for example, is generally plain sailing, while the Bay of Biscay en route to the Mediterranean is famed for its unpredictability. One the new generation of big ships, you'll feel very little movement. these vessels are so large and stable you'll be surprised to see the scenery go by. Older ships are fitted with stabilisers to minimise their movement through the waves.

Will I feel trapped on a ship?

With a different port on offer virtually every day of the cruise, you'd be hard pressed to feel hemmed in! In fact, most passengers look forward to days at sea so they can relax and revel in ship's facilities.

Will I feel out of place on a cruise?

Overall, the age of the average cruise passenger is falling every year, and though some ships do attract an older clientele, many now have a mix of children, young singles and couples of every age. If you really like to party, the Caribbean ships are your best bet.

Do I have to dress up all the time?

The short answer is no you don't need a Joan Collins-size wardrobe to make the most of a cruise. Though luxury ship passengers do like to put on the style a bit, most cruises have only two formal evenings the Captain's welcome cocktails at the start of the cruise, and his farewell dinner at the end. During port calls, smart-casual is the order of the day, and on most evenings informal wear a pretty dress or trouser suit for ladies, casual trousers for gentlemen will be fine. If you really hate dressing up, you'll find Caribbean and Far East cruises more casual than those in the Med and Baltic. But for most people, dressing for dinner is part of the whole experience.

How much cash should I take?

A credit card is your best friend on a cruise ship you sign for everything and get an itemised bill at the end. Take travellers cheques for ships which don't include tips a typical tipping level is $5 per passenger per day of the cruise.

Are there facilities for children?

Most ships offer a childres programme of supervised activities ensuring that children are entertained in five different age groups from 6 month to 17 years. Check with our cruise experts for details.

What is smoking policy onboard ship?

There are designated areas for smoking and non-smoking on all ships. Generally,all theatres and dining rooms are non-smoking.

What about alcoholic drinks?

Guests 18 years of age are welcome to enjoy beer or wine but some cruise lines insist that parents must sign a waiver. Alcoholic beverages purchased ashore or on board at duty free prices will be stored and delivered to your stateroom on the last night of your cruise.

Can I call home from the ship?

You can make ship-to-shore calls from you stateroom, 24 hours a day. However,keep in mind that most Cruise Lines charge approx. $15.50 per minute (new cheaper services are being introduced; check with the specific cruise line for details) that will be,automatically charged to your onboard account. Don't forget when you are in port you can call and receive calls on your mobile. Contact your service provider for details.

Can I change my stateroom after arrival on board?

Subject to availability, you can sometimes upgrade to a higher category after boarding,or setting sail by paying the differece in the published applicable full cruise fare in cash,credit card or traveller's cheques.

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